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About Us

A Business Built By Family​

We take great pride in being a business built by family. From the start, our company has been fueled by the values of trust, unity, and support. With our foundation rooted in relationships, we've grown from a shared vision to a nationwide operation, delivering freight across the country while maintaining the close-knit bonds that define us. Explore how our family-driven approach shapes our journey and sets us apart in the trucking industry.

Hauling Freight Across the U.S. since 2004

Based in Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Our mission is to provide reliable, safe, and environmentally responsible transportation while fostering strong relationships with our drivers and customers.
A Step Back into History

How it Began

Robert Walker started his career in the truck docks and eventually became the VP of Trans Carriers. In 2004, he co-founded Service 1 with Robert Wilson. The company has grown to have over 100 trucks and provides nationwide service. Before Mr. Walker's passing, he was well-respected in the industry and had built strong relationships with his customers and drivers.

Robert Walker